Exastro IT Automation

Exastro IT Automation Overview


Multiple user interfaces & Role Base Access Control

3 types of Interfaces (Web, Spreadsheet, and Rest API)

User operations can be executed by 3 types of Interfaces (Web, Spreadsheet, and Rest API). ITA also records operation information from any Interface such as “who did it, when, what?”

Example of RBAC
Example of RBAC
*User 1 has both "Can perform maintenance" and "View only" permissions for Menu C but "Can perform maintenance" has higher priority.

With role-based access control (RBAC), user can define roles such as developer, operator, users, and control what each role can do such as view only, update, execute.

Function to manage parameters' change history

grouped and history

System parameter information can be grouped and history can be managed.

Function to prevent typos of variable names

Analyzes for errors in IaC*If there is no error, register a new variable named "VAR_name", in addition if there is no same error, IaC is managed in adequate manner.

In ITA, when IaC is uploaded, it will first analyze whether there is any error in IaC. If there is no error, the variable name from the IAC description is obtained and managed. Since variable names are used in selection formulas, human errors such as typographical errors do not occur.

Function to improve the reusability of the IaC

IaC can be modularized and assembled

ITA can reuse IaC (Playbook, etc.) without ending it in one attempt, IaC can be modularized and assembled at the time of work.

Function to control multiple automation tools (incl. Ansible)

automation flow

User can connect multiple automation software to define a single work flow. In addition, input data necessary for the operation of automation software is automatically generated.

Example (In case of Ansible): Collect and connect the required Playbook and create host_vars from the parameters for each node.

The last way to continue automation: pioneer mode

Pioneer mode

If User can't automate by using any of the Ansible modules, then the benefits of automation will be reduce down to half. Therefore ITA offers Pioneer mode which acts as trump card which doesn't stop the automation.

Real-time monitoring of execution status

Real-time monitoring

ITA emphasize great importance to real-time understanding of execution status compared to manual work. It also manages the work record firmly, such as downloading execution results (work evidence) according to user convenience.

Applied usage

System life cycle using Exastro IT Automation

System life cycle support

Acquisition and collection of system inventories

Inventories acquired using automation software IaCs can be automatically collected by IT Automation.
IT Automation can be used for IT asset management.

Using Exastro IT Automation for system inventory validity checks


You can use IT Automation to manage the generation of system settings you want to set in the future.
Expected current system settings can be extracted from the parameter history and checked to confirm that they match the inventories collected from the system.

Utilization of cloud native

Cloud-native CI / CD: for kubernetes

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